I love Sesame. Seriously, they've created a great gifting experience.

Sesame is an app that offers hand-picked, unique gift sets you can order and deliver straight from your phone. They asked me to visit them in San Fran and create a Brand Voice Guide to accompany their Style Guide, along with transactional email and app messaging.

The guide included:

  • Brand Voice Attributes
  • Tone Guidelines
  • Grammar Rules
  • On-Brand vs. Off-Brand Examples
  • Recommended Action Verbs
  • Proofreading Checklist
  • App Copy Updates
  • Transactional & Marketing Email Copy Updates
  • Push Notification List

...I think they liked it.

Wow this Style Guide is written exactly in Sesame's voice. Telling us ABOUT Sesame's voice. Whaaaaatttt.
OMG. Kris' copywriting guide. OMG.
This is the best thing ever. In the history of ever.